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All deposits are contracted, ensuring a safe, fair, transaction between buyer and seller.
When you put a deposit on your kitten that ensure that the kitten you have choose  is your kitten.
Payment Options

You may put a deposit  by using your debit card, Master card, Vista card, American Express card and Discover card.

If you don't  have a Pay Pal account that's OK,  when you click onto the Buy now button it will take you to the Pay Pal web site,  choose the option "Don't have a Pay Pal account click here".

You can make a deposit using your debit card please add 4%  to the deposit charge. This  is a charge that Pay Pal charges me, by having the convince of using their service.


Simply Simes produces simply delightful Bengal kittens!

Beth Bearry & Lori Bearry
Jackson, CA 95642
(209) 223-3040 or (209) 223-2567

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