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Soliel and Gayla had never been around each other before and they are not related.
Two weeks ago Soleil gave birth to a baby boy. Gayla was due the following Friday. Two days before she went into labor, she started wanting to be in Soleil's nesting box. We would put Gayla away and she would move the lid to get in the box with Soliel and her baby. We finally gave up and when she went into labor, Soleil helped her deliver her kittens. She would clean Gayla up and coach her on. 

when we would give medicine to Gayla, Soleil would lean over the top of her as though to say "hasn't my friend been trough enough?"

The first baby came and it was dead . The two of them kept trying to work on it but finally they had to stop. We took the baby away from them and Soleil would put her paws across Gayla and comfort her, then she gave birth again and this baby was also dead. Soleil helped her again.

Soleil wiped away Gayla's tears and held onto her. Soliel is now sharing her baby boy with Gayla and he now has two Mothers instead of one. Both of these cats still are sharing the nesting box.

It is truly amazing to see Gods love working through animals as well as Humans!!!


This video was sent to us from Joe and Linda whom got two bengals from us.

Thought you might like this short video I shot of Sophie watching Burning Man this year.......she is fascinated with what is on my laptop monitor. Sometimes I throw in a nature style DVD and she will watch the cats, or birds, or whatever, occasionally trying to see where they went behind the screen. She is quit funny.


Joe and Linda, Reno, Nevada


Simply Simes produces simply delightful Bengal kittens!

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