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When we started breeding the bengals, we found out that their were some health issues that needed to be addressed so that we could breed healthy cats.

The first that we encountered was in 2003 -  TRITRICHOMONAS FOETUS INFECTION, so we began our partnering with UC DAVIS The School of Veterinary Medicine in Davis, California.

we helped Dr. Marks in one of the studies that led to the finding of RONIDAZOLE as a treatment for the disease.

The Second was HCM - meaning:HYPERTROHIC CARDIOMYOPATHY - because the cat that we used to sire two litters of kittens died at 22 months of age, and the vet in attendance diagnosed his illness to be HCM.  Knowing that it is supposed to be inherited, we were granted permission to have his sire's heart tested. We chose Cardiologist Lori Siemens, DVM in the Sacramento area, and found that the sire had mild HCM. we have tested several of his offspring and have had two positive.

Lori Siemens, DVM is a very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly and that is why she is our choice for Cardiologist. She has tested over 60 of our  cats and some as many as three times. Click here for a PDF form that you may down load, print, and fill out before your appointment with her if you need one.


Lori Siemens
Home phone number: (916) 254-0399
Email address:

PRA means PROGRESSIVE RETINAL ATROPHY. We bought a kitten as a breeder, and at approximately 6 months of age, we noticed that when it started to get dark he began to get very agitated, and he would pace and cry a lot.  we also noticed a greenish glow to his eyes. When he was 8 months old, we  met Dr. Leslie Lyons who was doing a study with the Persians on PRA, and she expressed interest in our boy. He was tested and found to have PRA, now the Question is, was it drug related or inheritable? The only way to find out was to do some test breedings and hopefully if we hit a female that was a carrier there would be a blind kitten so that we would know for sure it was inheritable. there was a blind kitten born to one of the Queens, therefore we know it was genetic. since then we have been working closely with Dr Lyons and at this time it is believed that the same gene that produces blindness in the Persians and Abyssinians are not the same genes that produce blindness in the Bengals but more research is needed before we will have a definite answer.

We do our DNA Testing at UC Davis. We have DNA Testing as it is one of the keys we as breeders can use. We can see who carries what: Blues, Melanistic, Chocolate, Snows, Long Hair, etc. By using this tool, we have more options. As of 3-16-09, there is no DNA Test for the Silver color.

Being a large cattery, we have many generations of genetic testing and are hoping to participate soon in other studies pertaining in the heart and eyes other than HCM and PRA.

Leslie Lyons for PRA, DNA, Etc.
Leslie Lyons no longer works for UC Davis but now works for the University of Missouri.
She is offering to work with clients in her area.
New contact information:

Leslie A. Lyons, PhD
Gilbreath-McLorn Endowed Professor of Comparative Medicine
Department of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery
College of Veterinary Medicine
E109 Vet Med Building, 1600 E. Rollins St.
University of Missouri - Columbia
Columbia, MO 65211 Phone: 01 573 882 9777
Lab: 01 573 884 2287 Lab e-mail:

A testimonial about our cattery from Leslie A. Lyons, PhD:

 Dear Beth and Lori,

I would like to provide this testimonial for you to post on your website. I looked back over our database and I find that some of the earliest cat DNA samples I collected at UC Davis were from you! Over the 14 years at UC Davis, you have submitted over 200 cat samples for our research projects and you have also helped us find friends and collaborators to assist with the studies, including hundreds of other Bengal samples. We are continuing our studies on coat colors, pyruvate kinase deficiency, blindness, cataracts and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. We appreciate you providing us with many control normal cats, affected cats when possible, but also but encouraging other Bengal breeders to participate in the studies. I truly need more breeders like you to help promote our work and even more importantly, to stay in continued contact to keep moving projects forward and promoting good health care in your cats.

My laboratory personnel have always enjoyed interactions with you as you bring the most beautiful cats to visit! Getting blood samples from normal cats is as important as samples from cats with health conditions, we always know we can count on you. We are always impressed with how well you know the personality and history of each cat and how you know their birth dates and parents right off the top of your head. We always confirm this information genetically in our projects and we can always predict that your pedigrees will be accurate.

I have worked with Bengal cats since my earliest days in cat genetics and I know they can be a challenging breed. We have never had a concern with any of the cats that you have brought for evaluations at UC Davis, they have all been robust, healthy, in beautiful condition, and importantly – can be handled and managed. Lori’s ability to calm the cats and manage them is uncanny – we consider her the “Cat whisperer”!

I enjoyed coming out to your facility to see your cats and their housing conditions. You do have a large cattery, and as any large cattery, my general recommendation is to downsize. However, I was so impressed with the quality care, space and housing conditions you are providing for your cats. I got to see all cats, not just the ones you bring to UC Davis, and I can testify that they were all in good health and had good conditioning. The health and care of your cats is obviously your main priority and therefore I will never hesitate to continue our interactions. I enjoy our discussions on cat care, health, genetics and behavior – my door is always open to you – be it now in Missouri!

Best regards,

Leslie A. Lyons, PhD
Gilbreath-McLorn Endowed Professor of Comparative Medicine
Department of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery
College of Veterinary Medicine
E109 Vet Med Building, 1600 E. Rollins St.
University of Missouri - Columbia
Columbia, MO 65211 Phone: 01 573 882 9777
Lab: 01 573 884 2287 Lab e-mail:
Professor Emeritus - University of California - Davis


We also have David Maggs as our eye doctor at UC Davis.

Kristina Narfstrom, DVM, PhD
one of the world's leading animal Ophthalmologist

We use Jean Metzler, she is a wonderful vet, especially in the area of Reproduction.  She has been able to clear several cats of PYOMETRA and is excellent when it comes to C-Section's  She was also able to help other breeders with problems getting their cats pregnant.  We strongly recommend her for anyone in the Sacramento or surrounding areas who are breeding cats or dogs.
Jean Metzler M.S., D.V.M for (FERTILITY PROBLEMS)

The future of the Bengal Breed looks bright with all the new Technology, the ongoing research, and the willingness for Breeders to test and share information.  There is much hope, but remember what we believe is true today science may prove untrue tomorrow.  Please be kind to each other, as we are all in this breed because we love them!!!We thank all of the professional people for their service, and we feel that we have truly been BLESSED by having them involved with our Cattery.


Simply Simes produces simply delightful Bengal kittens!

Beth Bearry & Lori Bearry
Jackson, CA 95642
(209) 223-3040 or (209) 223-2567

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